This page is for use by participants in the Middle Huron Partners, a watershed-based group of local municipalities and agencies within the middle section of the Huron River watershed. This section lies mostly within Washtenaw County, extending from Portage Lake downstream to the French Landing Dam, which forms Belleville Lake.

Stormwater Management Documents

For additional stormwater permitting and reporting documentation, please contact Andrea Paine.

2023 Biennial Progress Reports

2022-23 Permit Application

TMDL Implementation Plans

Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality sampling has been conducted in the Middle Huron River Watershed since 2002. The most recent comprehensive data can be found on the Infostream.

Public Education Materials

Contact: Maaike Wielenga (, (734) 519-0231) HRWC Marketing Associate, for info on HRWC’s Public Education Program or any of the materials identified below.

Find stormwater public education materials on our Trello board:

The Huron River Watershed Council provides public education materials to member communities of the Middle Huron Partners. These materials are housed on a Trello board. For access to the board, contact Maaike Wielenga.

Boxes of images arranged in columns on a Trello website board.
Materials, images, and language for stormwater public education can be found on the Trello board.

On the Trello board you will find:

  • Marketing materials for the annual Watershed Community Calendar, including social media post language and images,  and monthly tips for social media, websites, and E-newsletters.
  • Downloadable Pollution Prevention Information Sheets for sharing on websites or by email on Septic Systems, Pet Waste, Native Plants, and Lawn Care.
  • Pollution Prevention Tips to share on social media, websites, and E-newsletters.
  • Additional Resources for stormwater public education from partners.
  • Partner Program Highlights
  • And more!

More stormwater public education content from HRWC:

HRWC Take Action Web Page – Explore HRWC’s Take Action pages for more homeowner tips and tools. Content from the H2O Heroes campaign is now housed in our Take Action pages.

Adopt-A-Stormdrain Program Web Page – Public website and program materials.