These draft documents are available for download here:

1. Table of Contents

2. Sections II-VII (Section I will be the Executive Summary)

Draft Table of Contents, Sections II-V of Portage Creek WMP

Draft Sections VI and VII of Portage Creek WMP

3. Maps for the Watershed Management Plan


Please download the files, unzip them, read them, and bring your comments to the December 17th quarterly meeting of the advisory group at Lyndon Township Hall, 17751 N. Territorial.

A few caveats:

  • Tables and figures have titles but are all labeled as figure x or table x until their placement in the document is finalized
  • The maps will be interspersed in the final plan but are available for download separately to reduce download time
  • Photographs will be added to the final plan
  • Placeholders for the MDEQ hydrology report will be filled in once that report is complete