Representatives Make HRWC Policy

HRWC is a council of the local governmental units that have jurisdiction over property in the watershed. Membership is voluntary.  Of the 7 counties and 67 townships, villages, and cities located wholly or partially within the watershed, most have chosen to join HRWC.

Following is a list of current government members and their representatives on the HRWC Board of Directors. A link is provided to each government member website.

If you live in the Huron River watershed, check to see if your city, township or village is a member of HRWC.

If it is not a member and you would like it to join, please contact us.

HRWC provides water resource information and research services to member governments. This information includes: water quality issues, land use, groundwater, hydrology, lake management, wetland protection, stormwater management and other related topics.

HRWC staff is available to review and comment on activities likely to affect water resources and advise member governments on lake and river management. For more details, visit the Services Available to Member Governments page.

How to Become a Member Government

Contact our Interim Executive Director, Rebecca Esselman, at (734) 769-5123 x611 or email her here to inquire about your local government unit becoming a member of HRWC. Annual membership dues for townships, cities, and villages are assessed at a rate of $0.10 per capita of residents who live within the boundaries of the watershed. Annual dues for counties are assessed at a rate of $0.05 per capita (watershed population) plus $1.50 per square mile of watershed area.