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Explore the Huron River System on Foot

This family-friendly self-guided print and go tour takes explorers on a deep dive into HRWC’s online watershed map and data to learn about our home river. Suggestions for where to visit in person, art activities and parks where we’ve planted geocaches complete the experience. Just print out the instructions and stick them in your backpack. You’ll also need your cell phone to access our advanced mapping technology. Download the guide for free!

Storytime with Maxi Chanel: Super Creatures of the Huron River!

Starting from the edge of Lake Erie, at the mouth of the Huron River, Gilly the Bluegill fish dreams of swimming 130 miles up the Huron River. His path will be challenging, as many dams will block his way, but Gilly is determined to try! As he begins his adventure, Gilly makes a friend named Lilly. Gilly and Lilly set out to discover what type of creature she is, making friends with many Huron River creatures along the way.  Maxi Chanel, an award-winning local Drag Queen star, hosts this storytime reading. Super Creatures of the Huron River was created by Adlerstein, Berge and Fuller.

Get the Book: Super Creatures of the Huron River

Super Creatures of the Huron River Children's Picture Book

This children’s picture book (see story recap above) features fascinating “bugs” that can be found in the Huron River with each bug artfully illustrated with scientific precision.

Purchase a print version of Super Creatures of the Huron River from Michigan Publishing Services (also available free in Open Access or as a downloadable PDF).

The book is a project conducted by a team of University of Michigan (UM) faculty and students, in collaboration with HRWC researchers. Sara Adlerstein developed the project. Working closely with her were Carolyn Berge, Jeffrey Evans, and Mike Wiley from UM and Paul Steen and Pam Labadie from HRWC. Illustrations for the book were created by master of science student Jennifer Fuller.

Cut and Fold, or Color. Crafty Activities by Taaja Tucker

Connect with creatures through paper crafts! Download a round goby and quagga mussel papercraft kit (pictured) or breakout your crayons and markers and download some lively color sheets featuring aquatic critters of the Great Lakes region. All downloads are free and made available by the talented Taaja Tucker.

Use a color guide or color a garden the way you want!

This fun downloadable coloring sheet by Sally Wenczel is a great way to learn about rain garden plants. Check out Sally’s book “Let’s Build a Rain Garden,” which leads children into Michigan ecology through verse. They will get a close up look at the fun creatures and native plants that thrive inside a rain garden while learning the more high-level terms STORMWATER and WATERSHED. The book is written for children; however, adults will enjoy taking notes on the basic steps for building a rain garden as well.

downloadable coloring sheet rain gardens

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