Community Connections for Watershed Change

For over fifty years HRWC has led projects and programs throughout the Huron River’s 925-square mile watershed. Some areas, such as those with higher population densities, are more served by our projects than others.

Through our Listen> Learn> Connect project, we are reaching out to community leaders and residents to explore new ways to collaborate on addressing watershed issues that meet their priorities for clean water.

This initiative includes listening sessions, surveys, and interviews to better understand various communities’ watershed priorities, interests, and visions. This acquired knowledge will directly inspire co-created programs that support river and community health. From 2022-2025, HRWC will:

  1. ASSESS AND IDENTIFY: During this initial ‘desktop research’ phase we will examine existing geospatial, social, and demographic information to understand where to increase investments and focus future efforts, paying particular attention to underserved and marginalized communities.
  2. LISTEN AND LEARN: We will also connect with community leaders and residents through interviews, listening sessions, and surveys to identify local priorities, interests, and visions for the river and community.
  3. CREATE AND COLLABORATE: Once we gain insight, we will co-create projects based on community-identified priorities and values. These local watershed protection projects will ideally be coordinated with local community partners.
  4. SUSTAIN AND ADAPT: Commit to continue learning from and sustaining relationships with our Listen>Learn>Connect project communities, so our approaches evolve as river conditions and local priorities change.

HRWC looks forward to talking and connecting with individuals across watershed communities. We invite you to reach out to with any questions, perspectives, or insights.