Implications of precipitation changes in Southeast Michigan and options for response: A guide for municipalities

This series of fact sheets provides information on how rainfall is changing, what the implications of these changes are on stormwater management and what do about it.


Individual Fact Sheets

  1. Implications of NOAA Atlas 14: Precipitation-frequency atlas of the United States for Stormwater Management
  2. Changing Precipitation in Southeast Michigan
  3. Changes to key storm definitions and implications for decision making
  4. Issues in stormwater management: Floodplains
  5. Issues in stormwater management: Detention and Conveyance
  6. Solutions in stormwater management: Green Infrastructure
  7. Solutions in stormwater management: Stormwater Rules

This product was developed by a team of stormwater managers and climate scientists as part of HRWC’s Climate Resilient Communities Project.