HRWC is working with the Open-Storm Laboratory at the University of Michigan to install and maintain discharge gages in the watershed. Currently, two stations have been installed. Station locations along with water level and stream discharge data for each are provided below.

Data Quality Note: Data from both stations for the current year are subject to change as new field measures are collected. Individual data points are subject to inaccuracy due to sensor scatter or interference from objects in the water.

Real-time Plots

USGS Streamgages

The U.S. Geological Survey maintains gages on the Huron River and its tributaries in partnership with state, county, regional, and local government partners. Various gages record current conditions, streamflow and water quality data. Below are links to the information pages for each gage.

  • Huron River at Fort Road,  Rockwood. Gage 04175120 (no longer operational)
  • Huron River near Wall Street, Ann Arbor. Gage 04174500
  • Huron River near Hamburg Road,  Hamburg. Gage 04172000
  • Huron River at Kent Lake Dam, New Hudson. Gage 04170500 (no longer operational. See above for HRWC replacement)
  • Huron River near General Motors Road, Milford. Gage 04170000
  • Malletts Creek near Chalmers Drive, Ann Arbor. Gage 04174518
  • Malletts Creek at Mary Beth Doyle Park, Ann Arbor. Gage 04174517 (no longer operational)
  • Mill Creek near Parker Road, Dexter. Gage 04173500
  • Allens Creek outlet near Main St., Ann Arbor. Gage 04174490

Main page of USGS gages for all of Michigan