We monitor chemistry and flow, assess habitat, and identify plants and river bugs that are sensitive to changes in the environment to gauge the health of land and water throughout the watershed.


We use our data to make informed recommendations to decision makers and practitioners on policy and other ways they can support clean water.


In the watershed we give nature a chance to recover. For example, we restore habitat, remove dams, and turn artificially straightened creek channels into curvy creeks to benefit aquatic life.


We connect people to the river by providing information and volunteer opportunities. We also work with local governments and businesses to feature the scenic Huron River in their communities and promote recreation.



HRWC partners with communities in the Upper, Middle, and Lower Huron areas to monitor water quality and address stormwater runoff. These municipal partnerships include the Livingston Watershed Advisory Group, the Middle Huron Partners, and the Alliance of Downriver Watersheds.

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