Use the power of your voice to influence the future of our water by becoming a Change Maker!

Join your fellow citizens and be a voice for the Huron River and its watershed throughout all of its 67 local governments!

Did you know that each of those 67 local governments has the power to determine the location of houses, schools, farms, parks, and businesses? These decisions have tremendous impacts on water quality and natural areas. “One of the most powerful ways local citizens can affect change that will protect the Huron River is to get involved in their local governments,” says Kris Olsson, Watershed Ecologist at HRWC.

In January and February 2018, HRWC hosted workshops in Green Oak Township, Belleville, and Chelsea to teach Change Makers about the Huron River and its watershed, the impacts of development on clean water, how local governments make decisions, and the many ways to connect with and influence the process. Participants learned local river-friendly policies that protect clean water and how to navigate local governments’ decision-making processes.

Local governments are comprised of people who care about the quality of life in our communities and anyone can get involved, including you!

group at table reviewing mapOur Change Makers Boot Camp attendees learned about the following ways to get involved in how their local governments make land use decisions:

  • attending local government meetings
  • commenting on ordinance and master plan revisions or specific developments
  • seeking appointment to a planning commission
  • running for election

Attendees also received HRWC’s companion Guidebook: Land Use for a Healthy Watershed, which covers all the Boot Camp topics in detail.

You can become a Change Maker, too!

  • Download the guidebook,
  • Find out when your local government’s board or planning commission meets and start attending meetings (posted on their web site).
  • Read their zoning ordinance or master plan, also posted on their web site. Use the worksheets in Land Use for a Healthy Watershed to evaluate them.
  • Decide how to best affect the change you want to see in your community.
  • Email Kris Olsson or Jason Frenzel and let them know you’d like to become more involved in your local government.

Contact Kris Olsson at734.769.5123 x 607 or email Kris to find out more!

The Change Maker Boot Camps are provided with support from the Americana Foundation for HRWC’s efforts to educate and inspire residents to become local leaders in their communities.