Huron River Report

Published quarterly by the Huron River Watershed Council

Winter 2016
  • Try Your Hand at Ice Fishing, And be sure to wear warm gloves!
  • Preparing for Climate Change, Anticipating an altered climate and its impacts on the watershed
  • Hands-on Learning Gets All Wet! Education Program takes on snorkeling
  • RiverUp! Report, Frog Island Park Renovation, Connecting the Huron River Water Trail to the Great Lakes
  • Making Honey Better, HRWC receives grant to improve Honey Creek in Scio Township
  • Laura’s Stream of Consciousness, Dioxane cleanup standards, coal tar bans and phosphorus in Lake Erie
Fall 2016
  •  Creek Countdown, How healthy is the creek near you?
  • Surprises in Norton Creek, A mix of restoration efforts recommended
  • Pointe Mouillee or “Wet Point,” Bird migration through the mouth of the Huron River
  • 2016 Summer Interns
  • Huron River Appreciation Day
  • Laura’s Stream of Consciousness, HRWC’s new 5-year strategic plan for 2016-2021
Summer 2016
  • Aquatic Hitchhikers, Invasive species change and destroy ecosystems
  • Shared Resource, Shared Responsibility, How several communities are using water wisely
  • RiverUp! Report, Tackling Ford Lake’s tough portage, Measuring the worth of a river
  • Communities Reduce NPS Pollution, New regulations push further improvements in stormwater control
  • Tour Your River, Plan a Huron River Water Trail adventure
  • 2016 Annual Stewardship Awards
  • Creating Climate Resilient Communities, Changing rainfall has implications for stormwater management
  • HRWC Events and Workshops for June, July, August
  • Laura’s Stream of Consciousness, An update on HRWC projects
 Spring 2016
  • Rain Gardens in Mitchell, Neighbors join together to protect Swift Run Creek
  • Fluctuating Flows Frustrate Fish, How providing more habitat helps fish spawn and thrive
  • The Bad, The Good and The Really Good, Celebrating Success in a coal tar-free watershed
  • Huron Love Stories, HRWC oral history project
  • HRWC Events and Workshops for March, April, May
  • Laura’s Stream of Consciousness, Observations from the Flint Water Crisis
Winter 2015
  • HRWC Looks Ahead, The final part of a series celebrating 50 years of history, growth and achievement
  • Eyes on the River, HRWC volunteers protect the Huron
  • New Monitoring Methods, Investigating crowd-hydrology and remote sampling options
  • Oral History Project, Paul Rentschler recalling the “boom years” at HRWC – babies, a body behind the door, kids in the halls, and expanding success
  • Use Less Salt This Winter, At home, frequent shoveling is best!
Fall 2015
  • HRWC’s Second 25 Years, Part 3 of a series celebrating 50 years of history, growth and achievement
  • Woody Debris, Friend or foe?
  • DIA Inside|Out on the Huron River, 15 masterpieces on exhibit along the Water Trail, now through October
  • Preparing for a Safer Future, How emergency managers can help communities adapt to climate changes
  • Building a Community of Practice, HRWC hosts inaugural National Water Trails Forum
  • Huron River Appreciation Day, Photos from our July 12 celebration
  • Success! HRWC continues to make waves with a slew of recent projects
Summer 2015
  • HRWC’s First 25 Years, Part 2 of a series celebrating 50 years of history, growth and achievement
  • Middle Huron Progress, Investments yield results
  • “You Mean We’re Drinking Your Pee?!” Huron River oral history project continues with Paul Cousins
  • The 18th National Water Trail, Huron River Water Trail joins network of exemplary trails
  • Stewardship Awards:  Zachery Gizicki, Luke Blackburn, Magda Herkof
  • Recipe for Conservation Success, Ingredients for a Great Michigan in the 98th Michigan Legislative Session
  • Protecting a Regional Treasure, The Huron’s Natural River District
Spring 2015
  • Tracing HRWC’s Roots, the Huron River Watershed Council at 50
  • The American Mink, a relentless predator perfectly suited to a riparian habitat
  • Upstream, Downstream and a Swim, Huron River oral history project continues
  • RiverUp! Generates Momentum, highlights of recent accomplishments and current projects
  • Waterfront Wisdom, tips for shoreline property owners
  • Program Updates, HRWC’s activities on various programs in 2014
Winter 2014
  • Trail Towns of the Huron, Part 4 in a series: the City of Ann Arbor
  • Toxic Bacteria Impacts Lake Erie Communities, harmful algal blooms and their connections to the Huron River watershed
  • Word on the Streets, coal tar sealcoat emerging as serious human and aquatic health threat
  • Keeping the ‘Shed Natural, natural areas and farmland preservation
  • Oral History Project, stories about the Huron River and its watershed
  • Laura’s Stream of Consciousness, phosphorus reduction and climate change resiliency, improving agricultural controls and enabling stormwater utilities
Fall 2014
  • Trail Towns of the Huron, Part 4 in a series: the Village of Milford
  • Hardworking Trees, low-cost watershed workers
  • Green Infrastructure Innovation, coming soon to a neighborhood near you!
  • Education, HRWC-style, volunteers go deep with watershed-area schools
  • Oral History Project, stories about the Huron River and its watershed
  • Looking Under the Hood, university team studies river flows, the Huron’s “engine”
  • Laura’s Stream of Consciousness, honoring Congressman John Dingell
Summer 2014
  • Trail Towns of the Huron, Part 3 in a series:  the City of Ypsilanti
  • Ford Lake’s Legacy, the mixed history of the impoundment
  • Stewardship Awards, Mike Schultz, The Battersby Family and Dave Wilson
  • From Source to Source, the energy and carbon in our water supply
  • Saving Water Saves Energy, program opens doors and inspires increased water conservation
  • Laura’s Stream of Consciousness, highlights from State of the Huron Conference 2014
Spring 2014
  • Trail Towns of the Huron, Part 2 in a series:  the City of Flat Rock
  • Bird Migration, finding feathered friends in the watershed
  • When It Rains, It Pours, rainfall in a changing climate
  • Up a Creek, no need for a paddle
  • Green and Clean, understanding “Green Infrastructure”
  • Laura’s Stream of Consciousness, wetland permitting, dioxane, fracking and State of the Huron Conference
Special Issue: Michigan Fisheries, 200 Years of Changes
  • This document is a compilation of the 4 part fish series found in the Winter 2012-Fall 2013 newsletters.
Winter 2013
  • Trail Towns of the Huron, Part 1 in a series:  the Village of Dexter
  • Mapping By Hand, how it was done over 100 years ago
  • Investigating Bacteria Sources, Honey Creek Plan
  • Identifying Failing Septics, a new approach
  • Laura’s Stream of Consciousness, concerns about Michigan’s new wetlands law
Fall 2013
  • 200 Years of Michigan Fish, Part 4 (final installment)
  • A Paddler’s Journey, Ron Sell’s 2013 river expedition
  • Protection for Portage Creek, Communities work to keep high-quality creek healthy
  • Laura Rubin, River Hero!, River Network recognizes her inspirational leadership
  • Laura’s Stream of Consciousness, reflections on the River Hero award and stormwater, asset management and wastewater
Summer 2013
  • 200 Years of Michigan Fish, Part 3
  • Honey, We Shrunk the Huron!, using mesocosms to perform river experiments
  • Map of upcoming recreation features of the HRWT
  • Adapting to a Changing Climate, project report
  • Stewardship Awards, HRWC honors three individuals for their exceptional dedication
  • Laura’s Stream of Consciousness, EPA’s National Rivers and Streams Assessment
  Spring 2013
  •  200 Years of Michigan Fish, Part 2
  • RiverUp!date, Highlights of 2012
  • Results are In! 2012 water quality monitoring shows mixed trends
  • HRWC Events and Workshops for March, April, May
  • Our Regulated River, Resources for dam owners and operators in the Huron
  • H2O and Planned Giving, Leave a legacy for the Huron River
  • Laura’s Stream of Consciousness, a new project protecting Portage Creek
  • Thank you to our supporters and volunteers
Winter 2012
  • 200 Years of Michigan Fish
  • Low Flow Woes and Lake Levels
  • Survey Says Watershed Residents are Stormdrain-Aware
  • Never a Dull Moment, HRWC Programs Progress Report
  • Blue Giving, HRWC Staff picks for meaningful gifts
  • Laura’s Stream of Consciousness, a tribute to Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner Janis Bobrin
Fall 2012
  • Ospreys are Back, reintroduction effort a success
  • Restoration of a Highly Urbanized Mallets Creek, benefits extend downriver
  • Clean Water Act at 40, a perspective on landmark legislation
  • A Dam Nation, HRWC continues to eye the impacts of dams on the Huron
  • New Staff, welcome Rebecca Esselman, HRWC Watershed Planner
  • Laura’s Stream of Consciousness, concerns about in-stream whitewater structures
Summer 2012
  • The Huron River in the War of 1812, the Governor’s vision for a military supply route
  • Changing color of stormwater, green infrastructure
  • H2O Heroes beat the peak, tips for saving water outdoors in the summer
  • Make no small plans, charting a river’s rebirth
  • Volunteer Awards, thanks and celebration at Annual Meeting
  • A few special volunteer positions, are you the right fit for these opportunities?
Spring 2012
  • Elusive neighbors, salamanders in the watershed
  • New Honey Creek study investigates bacteria
  • Stream muckin’ and bug collectin’, how and why we do it
  • Summer events: birding, fly fishing, hiking, swimming, paddling
  • Board representative Scott Barb from Livingston County
  • River stewards Barry Lonik and Donna Snyder speak up
  • HRWC water quality monitoring program expands to lower Huron
Winter 2011
  • Three ways to get outside and have fun this winter
  • Scenarios of winter climate change in the watershed
  • New fertilizer restrictions
  • HRWC and partners target phosphorus, bacteria and habitat problems
  • 2012 Watershed Community Calendar available
  • Take the Watershed Community Online Survey
Fall 2011 Special Issue, Save Water, Tips and Info Inside . . .
  • Save water, energy and money while protecting the Huron
  • Water impacts of electricity production
  • HRWC begins new community-based climate change planning
  • Your water footprint
  • Bids on the River online auction opens Friday, September 16
  • 2012 Watershed Community Calendar available in September
  • Take the Watershed Community Online Survey
Summer 2011
  • Freshwater Sponges
  • Meet HRWC’s Storm Chasers
  • New  Ad Campaign
  • HRWC takes the Lead on Dam Program Improvements
  • Annual Meeting
  • Paddle the Huron River Water Trail
Spring 2011
  • Adopt-A-Stream Founder Retires
  • Assessing the Huron’s Natural Areas
  • New River Scouts Program, Paddle to Protect
  • High-Tech Sleuthing to Detect Failing Septics
  • Volunteer Monitoring in Livingston County
  • HRWC’s Summer Recreation Events (fly fishing, paddle trips, and more)
Winter 2010
  • HRWC Wraps Up a Successful Project Using Rain Gardens
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines in the Watershed
  • Progress on Phosphorus-free Fertilizer Regulations
  • Taking the Huron River’s Temperature
Fall 2010
  • The River Today
  • Measuring Stream Flow
  • Fall Birding Opportunities
  • 360 Feet of Streambank Restored on Mill Creek
Summer 2010
  • The River in 1966
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Data for Lower Huron
  • To Hell and Back
    Portage Creek Management Plan
Spring 2010
  • The Skinny on Lakes
  • Phosphorus Declines throughout Middle Huron
  • Join Us for 2010 Summer Fun
  • Ann Arbor Township Protects the Watershed
Winter 2009: Special Issue, Climate Change
  • Why Climate Change Matters
  • SUDS on the River a Success
  • Film Fest Call for Entries
  • 2010 Wall Calendars Available
Fall 2009
  • Native plants green up the Huron
  • HRWC advocates Argo Dam removal
  • Stream buffer protection in Green Oak and Scio Townships
Summer 2009
  • What is your favorite place on the Huron?
  • Water quality of 13 local lakes measured in 2008
  • Changes in Lansing impact wetland, DEQ, and DNR
  • Planning in Portage and Protecting in Mill
  • Korean delegation visits HRWC
Spring 2009
  • Swans of the watershed
  • Great Lakes compact approved
  • Michigan Clean Water Corps: Bringing water monitors together from across the state
  • Spring and summer volunteer activities
  • Implementing low impact development in Michigan
Winter 2008
  • Eradicating deadly diseases: a local wetland’s role
  • What our data tells us about the condition of the Huron
  • Snow and ice melting tips for homeowners
  • Celebrate winter in the Huron River Watershed
Fall 2008
  • HRWC celebrates first dam removal in the watershed
  • Three critical factors for healthy streams
  • Adopt-a-stream program seeks volunteers and support
  • Top rated adventures in the watershed,
  • MDEQ issued new permits controlling stormwater runoff admid controversy.
Summer 2008
  • Two ways to explore your watershed
  • Get the “dirt” about soil composition and life
  • Miller’s Creek development highlight low impact tools of urban stormwater management
  • New Wood’s Creek friends group launched
  • Riparian buffer initiative completed
  • Successful Third Annual film festival focus on watershed issues.
Spring 2008
  • Freshwater jellyfish thrive in Huron River
  • Innovative planning tools
  • Encouraging report on five-year study of middle Huron
  • River friendly lawn care tips
  • Dexter dam removal is moving ahead
  • HRWC shares favorite spring location along Mill Creek watershed.
Winter 2007
  • Study illustrates potential watershed deterioration by 2030
  • Seeking the elusive Stonefly
  • HRWC staff and locals protect Woods Creek
  • Portage Creek to have its own management plan
  • Successful “Suds on the River” environmental awareness event
  • Update on HRWC projects & activities
  • Bioreserve project seeks volunteers & partners.
Fall 2007
  • Tools for preserving the watershed
  • Liz reports on her 100-mile Huron River swim
  • Five area townships participating in Huron Buffer Initiative
  • Paw Paw trees still found in a few Huron floodplain forests
  • Green Oak Township leading effort on stormwater ordinance
Summer 2007
  • Liz swims the Huron to raise awareness for water quality
  • Green alternatives to traditional burial practices
  • Successes from the second annual film festival
  • Adopt-a-Stream volunteers provide vital scientific information about the Huron and its tributaries
  • Volunteers honored at annual meeting
  • Bioreserve project on a roll
Spring 2007
  • Progress and direction for Ann Arbor’s Greenbelt Initiative
  • Helping HRWC identify and protect natural areas
  • Innovative land-use project focuses on transfer of development rights (TDR)
  • Colt Farm’s permit denied
  • How stormwater regulations hold up in court
  • Longnose Gar is an ancient native fish species present in the Huron
Winter 2006
  • Origins of the Huron River name
  • Results of a two-year study of Mill Creek
  • Tax incentives for land conservation
  • Restoration projects in the Huron’s headwaters and a section of Millers Creek
  • Detroit Heritage River Water Trail in the works
  • Ann Arbor bans phosphorus in lawn fertilizers
Fall 2006
  • Steelhead and chinook salmon in the Huron
  • Stream assessment using modeling techniques
  • Questions (about water protection) to ask your candidates for state and local office
  • Study of novel methods to prevent algae problems in Ford and Belleville lakes
Summer 2006
  • Migrating birds of the Huron
  • Buffer initiative protects riparian areas
  • Paddling on the Huron: contact info for liveries
  • Mill Creek watershed update
  • Transfer of Development Rights (TDRs) program studies high-density development
Spring 2006
  • Rare plants and animals in the watershed
  • Davis Creek
  • Bioreserve program continues
Winter 2005
  • Effects of road salt on the Huron
  • Reactions from River RoundUp
  • Drinking water damaged by development
  • Lower Huron and Huron Chain of Lakes watershed management plans completed
  • Workshops for lakefront property owners to help protect lake quality
Fall 2005
  • Mill Creek project targets subwatershed protection
  • Kidney shell mussel egg case found in the Huron
  • Pharmaceutical pollutants in the Huron
  • Residents concerned about algal blooms
  • History of HRWC
  • Removal of Mill Pond Dam

Summer 2005
  • Story of Barton Pond
  • Field guide to aquatic phenomena
  • Early origins of HRWC
  • Storming Down a Lovely Valley: new report on Millers Creek
Spring 2005
  • Life as a smallmouth bass
  • Millages to protect greenspace
  • Recreation in the watershed: contact information for area parks
  • Rapid stream assessments provide snapshot of stream conditions
  • Barton Pond vulnerable to bluegreen algae
  • Plant trees to protect the Huron
Winter 2004
  • Fishing spiders
  • Controversy over water withdrawal rules
  • Feasibility of removing Argo Dam
  • Statewide monitoring through Michigan Clean Water Corps
  • Natural areas map completed
Fall 2004
  • Flooding around Ore Lake
  • Infrastructure barriers harm fish and mussels
  • State acts to curb sprawl
  • Implementation of Mill Creek plan
  • Watershed communities examine codes and ordinances
Summer 2004
  • Approaches to Phase II storm water regulations
  • Machines restore polluted aquatic environments
  • Bridge planned in natural river zone
  • Watershed friendly golf
Spring 2004
  • Measuring flooding in Allen’s Creek
  • Implementation of Kent Lake subwatershed plan
  • Hawk migration in the Huron
  • Middle Huron stream monitoring update
  • Greenbelt plan to protect open space
  • Pledge book survey results
Winter 2003
  • MDEQ approves watershed plan in Mill Creek
  • A muskrat tale
  • The first State of the Huron Conference
  • Ann Arbor library builds “green”

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