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Huron River Watershed Council
1100 N. Main, Suite 210
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Main Phone

(734) 769-5123

Extensions and Email Addresses

Laura Rubin, Executive Director:  x606, lrubin@hrwc.org

Jason Frenzel, Stewardship Coordinator:  x600, jfrenzel@hrwc.org

Paul Steen, Watershed Ecologist:  x601, psteen@hrwc.org

Pam Labadie, Marketing Director:  x602, plabadie@hrwc.org

Anita Daley, Marketing Specialist:  x603, adaley@hrwc.org

Jennifer Kangas, Finance Manager:  x604, jkangas@hrwc.org

Margaret Smith, Development Director:  x605, msmith@hrwc.org

Kris Olsson, Watershed Ecologist:  x607, kolsson@hrwc.org

Elizabeth Riggs, Deputy Director:  x608, eriggs@hrwc.org

Ric Lawson, Watershed Planner:  x609, rlawson@hrwc.org

Rebecca Foster, Development Associate:  x610, rfoster@hrwc.org

Rebecca Esselman, Watershed Planner:  x611, resselman@hrwc.org

Stevi Kosloskey, Watershed Planning Assistant:  x613, skosloskey@hrwc.org

Learn more at  HRWC Staff.

For website related issues contact webmaster@hrwc.org.

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