We need your help to find creatures living in a river, measure the speed of stream flow, join a team in listing the variety of plants in beautiful natural areas and more. No training required for some activities; others offer training. Everything is free. Choose from the opportunities below.

First Step if You are New

Calendar of Events


Monitoring Activities

Stream Insects:

  • River Roundup: Volunteer teams find insects and other creatures each Fall and Spring.
  • ID Day:  River scientists help volunteers ID the creatures found in the River Roundup.
  • Stonefly Search:  In January, volunteer teams find stoneflies in high quality streams.
  • Leader/Collector Training:  HRWC trains volunteers to lead the teams in the Roundup.

Clean Up and Maintenance:

Natural Areas and Plants (Biodiversity Program):

  • Field Assessments: Spring and summer.  Join volunteer teams to perform field assessments on the bioreserve sites.
  • Plant ID experts needed: Spring and summer. If you are experienced in plant identification, we especially need your help on the field assessments!

Hydrology and Water Quality:

  • Water Quality Sampling: Collect water samples from stream sites twice per month, April through September.
  • Flow Measurement: Periodically measure stream flow at stream sites, April through September.
  • Storm Runoff Sampling: Help set up and collect water samples before and after storms, April through September.
  • Road Salt Sampling: Collect water samples which will be tested for sodium and chloride, year around.

Stream Habitat:

SUDS on the the RIVER

Held annually in September, and featuring the micro-brews of the watershed and several favorite local restaurants, we always need help making this annual fundraiser happen.  Contact Margaret Smith at 734-769-5123 x 605  or at msmith@hrwc.org.

Help in the office

HRWC occasionally needs help in data entry tasks or other light clerical work.  If interested in volunteering in the office, please email Jason Frenzel (jfrenzel@hrwc.org).

Volunteer Waiver Form

HRWC asks all volunteers to fill out the this waiver before they participate.

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Donate to HRWC
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