If you have questions about the program, please contact Kelly or Andrea at the following numbers:
Kelly: 314-486-3440 (cell)/734-768-0304 (office)
Andrea: 231-233-5353 (cell)/ 734-519-0354 (office)

Week 3 Wayne and Washtenaw Monitoring Schedule

Date & Time Volunteers Site Assignments Flow Monitoring Assignments
9:00 AM – Tuesday, April 16 Larry Scheer (Leader), Justin Orminski, Melina Pakey-Rodriguez ADW23 – Huron River
ADW06 – Woods Creek
ADW08 – Silver Creek
ADW09 – Smith Creek
Measure flow at ADW06 – Woods Creek.
9:00 AM – Wednesday, April 17 Kelly McCabe(Leader), David Dodds, Eli Blackburn ADW03 – Brownstown Creek
ADW02 – Blakely Creek
ADW01 – Frank & Poet Creek
ADW04 – S. Branch Ecorse Creek
ADW05 – N. Branch Ecorse Creek
Measure flow at ADW02 – Blakely Creek.
9:00 AM – Saturday, April 20 Debbie Lichti (Leader), Ben Thomas, Matthew Appel, Claire Thomson, Bob Satonik MH06 – Fleming Creek DUP, filtrate
MH09 – Swift Runfiltrate
MH10* – Superior Drain
MH11 – Huron River @ E. Cross Stfiltrate
Measure flow at MH09 – Swift Run

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