If you have questions or concerns at any time, please contact Ric or Andrea at the following numbers:
Ric: 734-330-0508 (cell) / 734-769-5123 x609 (office)
Andrea: 231-233-5353 (cell) / 734-769-5123 x613 (office)

Sample Drop-Off Labs:
Ann Arbor Water Treatment Plant: 734-794-6426 (If unreachable, call 734-994-2840)
Downriver Utility Wastewater Authority in Wyandotte: 313-218-3361 (If unreachable, call 734-318-5662)
Brighton Wastewater Treatment Plant: 810-227-9479 (If unreachable, call 810-844-5112)

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Washtenaw County
Wayne County
Livingston County

Date & Time Volunteers Site Assignments Flow Monitoring Assignments
9:00 AM – Tuesday, September 14, 2021 Kevin Guthrie, Larry Scheer Arms01* – Arms Creek @ Walsh Rd
HS01 – Horseshoe Creek
COL01 – Huron River @ Hamburg Rd
COL02B – Davis Creek
HR03B – Huron River @ Kensington Rd
WC01 – Woodruff Creek
SO06 – South Ore Creek
Measure flow at HR03B – Huron River @ Kensington Rd, if water’s not too deep.
9:00 AM – Wednesday, September 15, 2021 John Stout, Ron Fadoir ADW35* – Huron River @ Willow Metropark
ADW08 – Silver Creek
ADW23 – Huron River @ Fort St.
ADW09 – Smith Creek
ADW03 – Brownstown Creek
Measure flow at ADW03 – Brownstown Creek. See note below.
9:00 AM – Thursday, September 16, 2021 Larry Scheer, John Stout ADW06 – Woods Creek
ADW05 – N. Branch Ecorse Creek
ADW04 – S. Branch Ecorse Creek
ADW01 – Frank & Poet
ADW02 – Blakely Creek
Measure flow at ADW06 – Woods Creek.

NOTE: Only measure flow if the velocity at the thalweg (deepest part of channel) is greater than 0.05 ft/sec.

Click here to view the sites in a larger map.
Upon clicking the link to open in a smartphone Google Maps app, select “Saved” from the bottom menu. From the Saved Menu, select “Maps” then tap the “2021 Chemistry and Flow Monitoring Sites” to open.