Contact Numbers

If you have questions or concerns at any time during your monitoring event, please contact Ric or Andrea at the following numbers:

Ric: 734-769-5123 x609 (office) / 734-330-0508 (cell)

Andrea: 734-769-5123 x613 (office) / 231-233-5353 (cell)

Other important numbers:

YCUA Main Control Room: 734-544-7137 (to open gate)

Ann Arbor Water Treatment Plant: 734-994-2840


Data Forms

2018 Monitoring Site Locations

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2018 Sampling Schedule and Sign-up

From April through September, monitoring is scheduled for the Middle Huron program (MHI) in Wastenaw County and the Alliance of Downriver Watersheds (ADW) in Wayne County on alternating weeks. Below is a list of date/time slots and links for signing up to volunteer. Before volunteering you must attend a program orientation. If you have any questions, please contact Andrea at

July 15 – 19 (Wayne)
July 21 – 25 (Washtenaw)
July 29 – August 2 (Wayne)
August 4 – 8 (Washtenaw)
August 12 – 16 (Wayne)
August 18 – 22 (Washtenaw)
August 26 – 30 (Wayne)
September 1 – 5 (Labor Day Week) (Washtenaw)
September 9 – 13 (Wayne)
September 15 – 19 (Washtenaw)
September 23 – 27 (Wayne)

The week 15 Middle Huron/Washtenaw County schedule is as follows:

Date Time Site(s) Volunteers Flow Measurements
Sat July 21 11:00 AM MH05B – Traver Creek, MH08B – Millers Creek Lindsay Smith (L), Ingrid Herkhof, Kelly Ogden-Schuette Take flow measurements at MH08B – Millers Creek.
Sat July 21 3:00 PM MH02B – Mill Creek, Mill06* – Mill Creek, Mill07* – Mill Creek Magda Herkhof, Justin Schell, Aymil Motawi No flow measurements needed.
Sun July 22 10:00 AM MH09 – Swift Run, MH07 – Malletts Creek Christine Kitchens (L), Jacinda Bowman, Daniel Tanner No flow measurements needed.
Mon July 23 5:30 PM MH01 – Huron River at N. Territorial Jacinda Bowman, Daniel Tanner, Karla Passalacqua Take flow measurements if the water level is not too high or moving too fast.
Tue July 24 1:30 PM MH11 – Huron River at E. Cross St., HR11* – Huron River at Forest Ave. Larry Scheer (L), Madeline Peery, Tonyisha Harris Take flow measurements at MH11 – Huron River at E. Cross St.
Tue July 24 5:30 PM MH06 – Fleming Creek, FC07* – Fleming Creek Christy Kelly, Richard Hughes, Eric Hughes No flow measurements needed.
Wed July 25 1:30 PM MH03 – Honey Creek, MH04 – Allens Creek Terence Harrison, Tim Knittle, Cory Knittle, Tonyisha Harris No flow measurements needed.
Wed July 25 5:30 PM BC01 – Boyden Creek, BC05* – Boyden Creek Otho Ulrich (L), Daniel Tanner, Jacinda Bowman Take flow measurements at BC01 – Boyden Creek.*Investigative sites

(L) Leader

The week 14 Alliance of Downriver Watersheds/Wayne County schedule is as follows:

Date Time Site(s) Volunteers Flow Measurements
July 15
12:00 PM ADW08–Silver Creek, ADW26*–Silver Creek, ADW27*–Hand Drain (branch of Silver Creek), ADW09–Smith Creek, ADW23–Huron River Ron Fadoir (L), Doug Carmack, Danielle Dusza, Ryan Peace Take flow measurements at ADW09 – Smith Creek
July 16
5:30 PM ADW02–Blakely Creek, ADW03–Brownstown Creek Richard “Bailey” Miller, Madeline Peery, Sam Heilman Take flow measurements at ADW03-Brownstown Creek.
July 17
10:00 AM ADW04 – S. Branch Ecorse Creek, ADW29* – Sexton-Kilfoil Bill Lee (L), Sam Heilman, Lute Smith No flow measurements needed.
July 18
10:00 AM ADW05 – N. Branch Ecorse Creek, ADW06 – Woods Creek Richard “Bailey” Miller, Sam Heilman, Aymil Motawi No flow measurements needed.
Thu July 19 10:00 AM ADW01–Frank & Poet, ADW28*–Frank & Poet Larry Scheer (L), Sue Thompson, Megan Martin No flow measurements needed.

*Investigative sites
(L) Leader