Take care of your neighborhood and the river at the same time!

Adopting a stormdrain is one of many ways you can help keep the Huron River clean and prevent flooding in your neighborhood streets! It’s simple and can be done as a group or as an individual. There are no strict timelines–you decide–so you can volunteer when it is convenient for you.

Anyone can adopt a stormdrain!

  • Property and home owners
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Conservation organizations
  • Churches
  • Scouting programs
  • College students
  • Concerned citizens
Stormdrain runoff
Adopt a stormdrain to help the Huron!

When you adopt a stormdrain you will

  1. Label it with a stormdrain marker, alerting others that it sends runoff directly to our local waterways–no filters, no treatment.
  2. Then simply do your best to clean debris like leaves and litter from its grate on an ongoing basis. (details below)

If you are interested in adopting a particular stormdrain or street, fill out our Adopt-a-Stormdrain Sign Up Form.

We care about your safety so this program is limited to neighborhood streets with speed limits of 25mph.

Stormdrains need the most maintaining during spring and autumn but you can sign up anytime!


If this is your first time volunteering with HRWC, please fill out both of these forms:

  1. Volunteer Sign up Form (first time HRWC volunteers only)
  2. Adopt-A-Stormdrain Sign Up Form

If you have previously volunteered for any HRWC programs, please fill out the Adopt-A -Stormdrain Sign Up Form only.

Once you sign up, we’ll send you a kit with tools and equipment

  • Stormdrain marking/stenciling kit
  • Rake, shovel, dustpan
  • Trash bags
  • Gloves
  • Safety vest
  • Educational resources
  • An inspection checklist

no dumpingHow to take care of your adopted storm drain:

  • Label storm drain clearly with inlet marker or stencil provided to you (when it is not snowing or raining and the temperature is above 40 degrees F).
  • Remove and dispose of leaves and garbage from the drain opening weekly (April through December).
  • Leaves and sticks can be composted or bagged for pick-up by your community compost program.
  • Recyclables and garbage should be disposed of through your recycling and garbage collection programs.
  • Call respective authorities to report problems with drain if drain appears clogged, broken, or not working in any other way.
  • Call 800-922-4706 if there is: waste, pollution, or illegal dumping.

Take care that you DO NOT:

  • Remove the grate from the drain opening.
  • Remove dead animals. Instead call animal control.
  • Remove hazardous materials like syringes. Call 9-1-1 to notify.
  • Leave bags with raked leaves near the drain.

Report your Adoption! After you work on your stormdrain, tell HRWC that you did it.


For more information, email Jason at jfrenzel@hrwc.org.

By adopting a stormdrain, you are protecting your community. Keeping stormdrains clear keeps our waterways flowing, our drinking water safe, and our community cleaner as a whole.

Sign Up Forms

Adopt-A-Stormdrain Sign Up Form

If you have previously volunteered for any HRWC programs, please fill out the Adopt-A -Stormdrain Sign Up Form only.
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Report your Adoption!

We need you to report any Storm drain adoptions so we have an updated list and are able to tell other interested participants which storm drains are still available.


1. Get the Latitude-Longitude of your stormdrain. You can easily get these numbers from earthtools.org.

2. Enter data in the form below, being careful to enter the latitude and longitude as the example shows.

3.  Check out the map!  Your point will not appear on the map until a staff member can check your data. Look at the map to find other areas that could use your help!


  • Add a new row
    Click "⊕" to add additional names.
  • In decimal degrees (42.6231, -85.5125)
    Get the Latitude-Longitude of your stormdrain at earthtools.org.
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    Multiple dates are acceptable. (Click "⊕" to add additional dates).
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Storm Drain Adoption Map