Adopting a stormdrain is a simple way that you can help keep the Huron River clean and take care of your neighborhood at the same time! It’s simple, and there are no strict timelines so you can volunteer whenever it is convenient for you.

Any individual or group can adopt a stormdrain!

This stormdrain needs you!
  • Homeowners or renters
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Conservation organizations
  • Religious groups
  • Scouting programs
  • Neighborhood groups

* We care about your safety – this program is limited to neighborhood streets with speed limits of 25mph

When you adopt a stormdrain, you will: 

  1. Label it with a stormdrain marker, alerting others that it sends runoff directly to our local waterways without filtration or treatment. 
  2. Do your best to clean debris from your drain’s grate on a regular basis, such as leaves and litter (details below).


Step 1: Sign up

Adopt-A-Stormdrain Sign Up Form

If you have previously volunteered for any HRWC programs, please fill out the Adopt-A -Stormdrain Sign Up Form only.

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Stormdrain education is a great group volunteer event and team building exercise. Your school group, family, company, scout troop, or religious group can label stormdrains and deliver educational fliers to homeowners in most neighborhoods. Email us here to set up your group. You chose a neighborhood, set an event date, and get your gear. HRWC will provide stomrdrain labels, adhesive, door fliers, and safety vests.

Step 2: Get your gear

Once you sign up, HRWC will provide (as needed):

  • Stormdrain labels and adhesive
  • Safety vests
  • Informational flyers to share with your organization or neighborhood

Step 3: Label and maintain

Attach your stormdrain label with the adhesive provided when it is not snowing or raining, and the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take a selfy with your newly labeled stormdrain! Post to social media and tag HRWC, or send us your pictures directly (not required, but encouraged)!

Clean your stormdrain weekly, if you can.

Leaves and sticks can be composted or bagged for pick-up by your community compost program. Do not leave yard waste bags near the drain!

Recyclables and garbage should be disposed of through your recycling and garbage collection programs. 


  • The grate from the drain opening
  • Dead animals – instead call animal control
  • Hazardous materials like syringes – instead call 911 to notify

If your drain appears clogged, broken, or is not working in some way – Call your city or municipal authority.

If there is waste, pollution, or illegal dumping occurring near your stormdrain – Call the Pollution Emergency Alerting System (PEAS) through the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE): 800-292-2706.

Feel free to reach out to reach out to HRWC if you have an questions or concerns. Email us here, or call 734-769-5123.