Help us find some special winter stoneflies!

This winter stonefly is one type of insect that you will most likely find!

These underwater creatures elude most predators by growing during the winter months when most fish are more sluggish. They live only in good quality streams so searching for them tells us about problems in the river and its streams.  HRWC does stonefly searches to gauge the health of our streams.

When you sign up to volunteer, you will join a small group of other volunteers to search a selected stretch of stream or River for stoneflies. You will be working with experienced researchers in the collection of stoneflies. They will also teach you how we determine the health of the stream or river you are visiting. Here’s a personal account with nice photos.

Children are welcome to join the search as long as each one is attended by an adult.

DATE Next Jan. or Feb. 2021
TIME There are two starting times: 9:00am or 10:30am. This event takes about 4 hours; approximately half of that is outside.
WHERE Start at the NEW Center, 1100 N. Main Street, Ann Arbor, and then go out to 2 stream sites somewhere in Livingston, Oakland, and Washtenaw Counties.


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FOR MORE INFO: Please contact Jason.

For more information about stoneflies check out this article.