Take care of your neighborhood and the river at the same time!

Adopting a stormdrain can be one of many ways to help keep the Huron River clean and prevent flooding in your neighborhood streets! It’s simple and can be done as a group or as an individual. There are no strict timelines–you decide–so you can avoid bad weather. When you adopt a stormdrain you will clean debris from its grate and label it with a stormdrain marker, alerting others that it sends runoff directly to our local waterways–no filters, no treatment.

Help Keep the Huron Clean

Adopt a stormdrain to help the Huron!

If you are interested in adopting a particular stormdrain you can find out its availability by submitting a Stormdrain Sign Up Form.

This program is limited to neighborhood streets with speed limits of 25mph.

Stormdrains need the most maintaining during spring and autumn but you can sign up anytime!


If this is your first time volunteering with HRWC, please fill out both the Basic Information Form and the Adopt-A-Stormdrain Sign Up Form. If you have previously volunteered for any HRWC programs, please fill out the  Sign Up Form only.

Basic Information Form (first time HRWC volunteers only)

Adopt-A-Stormdrain Sign Up Form


For more program details please visit our Adopt-A-Stormdrain page. You can also email Jason at

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