Use a Rain Barrel

Rain Barrels Reduce Pollution and Prevent Flooding!

When heavy rain and snowmelt wash over your yard and pavement, pollutants such as pet waste, fertilizer, pesticides, motor oil and dirt hitch a ride and head for the Huron River through the nearest storm drain. Unfiltered, untreated!

Rain barrels collect rainwater runoff from rooftops and allow you to direct it to gardens and lawns where it can be infiltrated by plants and soil instead of washing over pavement.

Rain barrels also slow the rapid flow of water that enters the Huron during heavy rains, helping to prevent volatile fluctuations that cause erosion.

You Save Water and Money!

Watering your garden and lawn takes up 40% of your household water during the summer. Using water from your rain barrel is free!

HRWC Rain Barrel Distribution

Since 2007 HRWC has sponsored rain barrel sales during which 1, 380 60-gallon and 322 65-gallon rain barrels were distributed to watershed residents providing for the potential storage of 103,730 gallons of water each time it rains. HRWC is not currently planning to hold another sale. Please check “Places to Purchase” below.


Other Places to Purchase or Build Your Own

Help Create Demand for Rain Barrels

We encourage all watershed residents to use rain barrels and know that they are not as easy to find as we would like. Ask your local hardware retailer to offer them for sale and let them know you’ll be the first buyer.

Know of a good source for rain barrels? Have been using a rain barrel and have some good suggestions? Share your info with us. Send an e-mail to Pam Labadie, HRWC Marketing Director,

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