2014 State of the Huron Conference is this Thursday! Register now!

We are putting together a fantastic conference for you and couldn’t be more excited for the 2014 State of the Huron Conference!

Learn about the focus of the April 24th event including keynote speakers, conference theme, and registration details at www.hrwc.org/sohc2014.

Join us for the only conference dedicated solely to the Huron River where community leaders, planners, scientists, educators, engineers, residents, and business owners engage in a conversation and celebration of this irreplaceable river.

Amy and Dave Freeman will share their enthusiasm for river adventure. credit: D. Freeman


2 Responses to “2014 State of the Huron Conference is this Thursday! Register now!”

  • Hello,

    I really want to come to the conference but I am not sure how to register? How much does it cost to go?

    I live in Scio. township and use the Huron quite a bit.

    How do I register? It would be for one person and I work for the University of Michigan/ Occupational Safety and Environmental Health

    Thank you!


  • Elizabeth:


    Thanks for the question. Others may also have the same question. You can register online at http://www.hrwc.org/sohc2014. Scroll to where it says “Register”. The cost for the conference is $40 for members of HRWC and $65 for non-members. Look forward to seeing you there!

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