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Tools, calculators and other resources from the web that we like best.


Home Water Works. How much water do you use? How do you compare? Estimate daily and annual water use with the Water Calculator. Answer a few simple questions and the Water Calculator does the rest. It’s quick and easy!

National Geographic, Calculate Your Water Footprint. The average American lifestyle is kept afloat by nearly 2,000 gallons of H2O a day—twice the global average. See how your home, yard, diet, transportation and consumer choices measure up.

WaterSense, Calculate Your Water Savings. You provide basic information about the household fixtures (faucets and/or toilets) that you are
replacing with WaterSense labeled products. Based on the number of people expected to use the fixtures in each household and other simple inputs, the calculator provides estimates of the amount of water and energy that you can expect to save. Dollar savings are also provided.

DTE Energy, Analyze Your Energy Use. (For DTE Customers). An interactive tool that helps you easily evaluate how you use energy in your home and where you can save. When you sign in, it pulls your billing information to give you a custom analysis based on your actual energy use. Includes implementation costs and annual savings in dollars, CO2 emissions and water.

ENERGY STAR, Savings Calculators. Product pages for both ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers and dishwashers have handy SAVINGS CALCULATORS for determining the annual operating and lifecycle costs for the product you are considering. The tool shows electricity, gas, and water consumption for each and even gives the reduction in CO2 emissions over the machine’s life in terms of pounds of CO2, equivalent number of cars removed from the road for one year, and equivalent acres of forest planted.

How To.

Water Saver Home (H2ouse). A virtual encyclopedia of information on saving water, this site presents tips by letting you navigate around the Water Saver Home or going straight to a list of topics.

More Tips.

Water – Use It Wisely. Now in its 10th year, this conservation campaign makes smart water-use fun, easy and practical for everyone. The website offers 100 tips for saving water as well as a regular blog packed with information.


Walk This Way: making the right choices to reduce your water footprint. Good, one of our favorite magazines, produced this transparancy a few years back. It shows the water footprint of our daily choices, including for the foods we eat. You might be surprised to learn that it takes 11 gallons of water to make a slice of bread!

More on the Water Energy Nexus.

The Big Thirst. A compelling National Public Radio interview of investigative reporter and author Charles Fishman on the secret life and turbulent future of water, a natural resource that, Fishman says, we can no longer take for granted. Fresh Air, April 11, 2011.

HRWC Save Water Save Energy Blogs. Archive of HRWC blogs related to water and/or energy conservation.

*The Saving Water Saves Energy Project is made possible by a grant from the Masco Corporation Foundation.