Natural Resources Protection

The following are links to ordinances and policies you can urge your local government to enact to protect the watershed’s natural areas and natural resources.

 Guidebook:  How Much Development is Too Much? Guidebook on Using Impervious Surface and Gravel Road Capacity Analysis to Manage Growth in Rural and Suburban Communities and accompanying CD-ROM provide communities with new tools to develop defensible standards to better manage growth. The guidebook instructs communities on how to determine the traffic capacity of gravel roads and the threshold of impervious surface area above which local streams will begin to degrade. Contact Kris Olsson for the CD.

HRWC White Paper:“Watershed Planning: Determining Impervious Surface Capacity to Better Manage Growth at the Rural/Urban Fringe” . This white paper describes research about the link between development, impervious surfaces, density, and water quality. It provides the scientific background for the methodologies and recommendations given in the Guidebook, “How Much Development is Too Much?”.

Specific Issues: The following pages will bring you more specialized information on the topics of:

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