Huron River Collection Maps

Stantec has generously donated the original collection of Gardener S. Williams’ Huron River Survey Maps circa 1905-1908. The collection is now archived at the Bentley Historical Library, who digitized the entire collection. HRWC is offering archival digital prints of the sections displayed and titled below.  Prints are available  on matte paper  in 3′ x 3′ format for $110 and 4′ x 4″ format for $150. Click  image to enlarge.

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Questions? Please call Rebecca Foster at 734-769-5123 ext 610. Save some money and time and stop by our offices to pick up your map, or for an extra $10.00 we will mail it (3×3 size only).

With gratitude to Stantec, Bentley Historical Library and Grafaktri

Williams had been a consulting engineer at the firm now known as Stantec. It is evident that history and community are Stantec’s two biggest passions. That passion made this project possible, because Stantec has donated the original collection of survey maps to HRWC, which are now archived at the Bentley Library. Len Coombs at the Bentley Library is responsible for digitizing the entire collection. Thanks to the Bentley Library’s digital work, Grafaktri and WAP John were able to beautifully reproduced the map collection for HRWC and the public.

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