Climate Change and the Great Lakes

February 27, 6:30 – 9pm

NEW Center

1100 N. Main, Ann Arbor

Kris Olsson will present an overview of the global climate crisis, the solutions at hand, and the bring it to local level impacts and solutions.

Pittsfield Change Makers

HRWC and partner land preservation programs are hosting an Earth Day Land Protection Workshop on April 22, at 6pm, at the Pittsfield Township Hall.

South Lyon Change Makers

HRWC will be presenting a session on the Land and Water Connection: Keeping the Huron Healthy at the South Lyon Public and Environmental Health Seminar on March 23, 1-2pm at the South Lyon City Hall Auditorium.

Green Oak Change Makers

The township is holding 2 open houses to discuss their master plan: March 19th and March 21st

Pinckney Change Makers

Attend the joint Village Council and planning commission meeting March 9 at 7pm.  HRWC will be on hand to discuss Green Infrastructure and master planning!

You are Invited!

To a gathering of River Givers, Sunday, March 8th, in Ypsilanti.  A celebration of you, the volunteers and donors who work to protect the river.

Thinking of Running for Local Office?

April 21st is the filing deadline.  Washtenaw County has a helpful web site with good information.  If you are interested in running for your local board, let us know!  We can connect with some one-on-one help!

Register to Vote Absentee

In Michigan, we can now vote absentee with no excuses!  Go here

Master Plan Reviews!

Hello, Change Makers, here is your chance to use the Master Plan worksheet! The following communities are in the midst of their master plan reviews.  Click on the community to find details.

Ypsilanti Township

Scio Township 

Brighton Township 

Hamburg Township

MSU Extension’s Water School 

MSU Extension’s Water School is back. HRWC co-hosted this 2-day course May 2019.  At the Water School, experts from Michigan State University Extension delve deep into all the topics we only have time to touch upon at our Change Makers Boot Camp. Very generous scholarships are available! Here is the 2020 schedule, hosted by our sister watershed protection groups.  Look for a Water School in our watershed in early 2021:

May 18-19 – Dearborn
June 24-25 – Detroit
July 8-9 – Clinton Township
Sept 22-23 – Bloomfield Hills

Livingston County Trails Plan

Provide your thoughts on the Livingston County Trails Plan.

Washtenaw County, Ann Arbor, and Ypsilanti are going Carbon Neutral!

Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Washtenaw County have all committed to carbon neutrality by 2030 and 2035, respectively.  What does that mean?  Check out the A2Zero website to learn more.  There are a bunch of great events and presentations coming up and listed on that site.

Hamburg Township is looking for help!

Hamburg has experienced severe flooding over the years along the Huron River as well as on Ore Lake.  The Flood Prevention Committee has worked to reduce flooding and help household deal with it.  They are looking for members. It would be great to have some Change Makers who have learned about land use and water quality provide input to this issue in Hamburg.

EGLE Offers Local Leaders Webinar Series

Check out these webinars, which discuss local government issues as they relate to State regulations.  You can listen to the recordings of every webinar and sign up for upcoming ones here

Please let us know when you submit feedback on any of these issues to your local government.  We want to know how it went!

Thank you!

Kris and Jason

Monthly update imageChange Makers are residents who have chosen to become a voice for the Huron River and its watershed by becoming involved in their local governments to encourage water protection.