A dip net, a river, and a courageous spirit are all that’s needed to generate some quality scientific data.

It was a busy weekend at HRWC!  In addition to the River Cleanup, we also held our semi-annual River Roundup, during which volunteers travel to our long-term stream research sites to seek out benthic macroinvertebrates.

One hundred thirty volunteers sampled 44 stream sites to find these organisms and help HRWC better understand the health of our rivers and creeks.   The weather was cloudless and 80 degrees, and our volunteers were exhilarated and only slightly sun-burned after spending such a beautiful day outside.

The results of our study will not be known until after this Sunday, October 16, when we will gather again to look at what we found.  If you are interested in participating in this ID-Day, you can learn more and sign-up at our registration page.

Happy times on the river!
Is there anything here….? This volunteer came all the way from Muskegon to help us search for the elusive bugs.