How can a snowy river walk in the woods devolve into arm waving and arguing? Watch as the Bright Futures Filmmaking Club depicts Walter and Patricia in Walking Brutus, a silent film with an unlikely hero. Is it Walter, who knows a thing or two about runoff? Is it Patricia’s dog Brutus who saves the day? Or is it a stream monitor with a baggie?

This award winning short film took top honors at the 2010 Miller’s Creek Film festival. It helps us to bring up a point of interest. While it may seem perfectly natural to leave a dog’s poop in the woods, it is simply not good for the river. That poop contains harmful bacteria that will wash into the Huron River as snow melts or rain falls. So, when nature calls, make sure you pick it up.

March is Scoop Poop month on the HRWC Watershed Community Calendar. We’re asking you to help us raise awareness about this everyday activity. If you like the video, share it with your friends.

Clean water is important to all of us. Make your dog proud – Scoop it, Bag it and Pitch it in the trash every time.