Mission Zero Fest 2012: Water Hill, June 9 and 10

Mission Zero Fest is a unique event unlike anything that’s been seen before — it’s part sustainability symposium, part environmental exhibition, part green home tour, and partMission Zero Fest 2012neighborhood block party. While speakers and workshops exhibit the how and why of sustainability, organizations will exhibit an array of green products and services for living a healthier, more comfortable life with a lighter footprint. Mission Zero Fest offers grassroots solutions to a complex global problem, designed to inspire a greener, more fulfilling lifestyle in our homes.

The two-day event is an opportunity to tour six ultra-green homes, attend workshops led by renowned sustainability experts, grab some delicious local food, and dance in the streets with an incredible array of top musical acts. The event is a celebration of neighborhoods and communities that harvest their energy and water needs and produce no waste.

Mission Zero Fest takes place Saturday, June 9 from 10am to 6pm and Sunday, June 10 from 11am to 4pm in Ann Arbor’s Water Hill neighborhood, located just northwest of downtown.

Volunteer With HRWC or the Fest!

HRWC will be speaking and exhibiting at Mission Zero Fest and sharing our Saving Water Saves Energy program, tips and tools. We need a few people to help staff our table. Contact Pam Labadie at HRWC, plabadie@hrwc.org, to sign up for a 2-3 hour shift at the HRWC booth on Sat, June 9, 10am-6pm or Sun, June 10, 11am-4pm.

The Mission Zero Fest organizers also need help before, during, and after. This is a great opportunity to network, share expertise, and give back to the community. REGISTER HERE to help. For more information, visit www.MissionZeroFest.org, email info@missionzerofest.org or call Monica Patel at 734-369-9277.