Tribar caused pollution
Pollutant enters the Huron River via Norton Creek in Wixom, MI

Yesterday we learned that the Huron River has been impacted by a major contamination event.  Several thousand gallons of hexavalent chromium were discharged from Tribar Manufacturing in Wixom sometime this past weekend. The effluent went through Wixom’s wastewater treatment before hitting the river via Norton Creek. Hexavalent chromium was still present in the treated water. The details of this event, including the scope and severity, are still being determined.

What we know now is that people should stay out of the water in the upper Huron River above Kensington Road and below Wixom Road. That area includes Kent Lake in Kensington Metropark, part of Island Lake State Rec Area, and the stretch of river through Milford.

The Michigan Environment, Great Lakes and Energy Department (EGLE) are onsite and actively investigating. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, local and county governments in the impact area and throughout the Huron River are also engaged in response.  HRWC is tracking this issue closely and is committed to communicating the best available information on this event as it becomes available.

Please refer to these key resources for up-to-date information:

EGLE Press Release

City of Ann Arbor Water Treatment Plant webpage

From the news media – a few early articles of interest:

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All of us here at HRWC are heartbroken about the implications for our beloved river. This event and countless others throughout Michigan, even over the past year, demonstrate how weak Michigan’s protections for the environment have become. We are committed to fighting for Tribar to take responsibility for their negligence and pushing the state to take the most aggressive enforcement action possible against Tribar.

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