Part 4 of 5: ABC’s Silver Creek Ale

Mike Moroney, Senior Brewer; Logan Schaedig, Head Brewer; Kuma Ofori-Mensa, Assistant Brewer

Thanks for hosting these fun events!  I’m enjoying all of the good energy going on between folks!  I also am gaining a palate for beer…GOOD beer!  I’ve never liked beer before…” ~Yael Ganet

Last week we had another fantastic brew outing, at Grizzly Peak! Duncan (all fingers still somewhat intact after a screen door incident) welcomed us with a fantastic brew. Many of our passport contestants made it back – I think our numbers are starting to drop a bit, so hang in there if you’ve made it to all three!

This week we’ll join Logan Schaedig, Head Brewer, at Arbor Brewing Company. ABC is located at 114 East Washington in downtown Ann Arbor. We will spend the evening in the game room, which has darts and tabletop shuffleboard.

Logan has brewed us up a batch of Silver Creek Ale with 20 pounds of Michigan Cherries. This slightly tart beverage should be perfect for our shortening summer days! For more information on Silver Creek (the place and the ale) see here.

Logan started working at Corner Brewery and worked his way up the ranks to Head Brew over the past five years. A year and a half ago Logan built a brewery in Ecuador from scratch. He helped build the kiln, bar, and tanks, while learning to malt his own barley. Noting, “I am in a position to brew all over the world”, he is excited to help with ABC’s India project.

Hope to see you on Thursday!