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Children learning about aquatic insects at Huron River Day, 2017.

Updates on local efforts by HRWC are highlighted in this News to Us with articles on the Gelman dioxane contamination, Putnam Township green infrastructure planning and Huron River Day. Also learn how the EPA is changing under Chief Pruitt and a forecast for Lake Erie as algal bloom season draws near.

Court of Appeals rejects polluter’s request in Gelman plume case  The Huron River Watershed Council will continue to have a seat at the table for negotiations around the dioxane contamination of groundwater in Ann Arbor and Scio Township. An appeal by Gelman Sciences, Inc. was rejected by the Michigan Court of Appeals allowing HRWC, the City of Ann Arbor, Scio Township and Washtenaw County to be involved in clean up negotiations with the State and Gelman.

Putnam Township Looks To Establish “Green Infrastructure”  Putnam Township is the latest community to be working with HRWC to plan for development and the protection of valuable natural resources at the same time.  Learn more about HRWC’s Green Infrastructure Planning program here.

37th annual Huron River Day brings thousands to the water  Enjoy a fun gallery of photographs of people enjoying the river on Huron River Day earlier this month.  This annual event brings many to the river, providing an opportunity to teach people about the Huron and how to care for it.

Counseled by Industry, Not Staff, E.P.A. Chief Is Off to a Blazing Start  So much of what HRWC is able to accomplish is supported by the work of the EPA.  The Clean Water Act and associated funding streams help determine standards for water quality and provide money for projects to clean up impaired waters. This article summarizes the ways that EPA Chief Pruitt is undermining all this country has worked for to provide clean and safe air, water and land. The implications are far reaching and potentially devastating.

Forecasters: Lake Erie algae bloom shaping up as big and possibly harmful  Algal bloom season is upon us and predictions don’t look good for Lake Erie. The Huron River’s receiving waters, are expected to experience an algal bloom that rivals those that occurred in 2011 and 2015 which were the two largest blooms since the 1990’s.

Sixth Annual Baseline Lake Swim

Baseline SwimmersHRWC hosted its Sixth Annual Baseline Lake Swim this past Sunday!  The Huron River flows through Baseline Lake north of Dexter in the Chain of Lakes region. Every year, HRWC hosts this swim across Baseline Lake to celebrate the health of the watershed and the Huron River’s status as the cleanest urban river in Michigan!

We couldn’t have asked for better swimming weather. This HRWC tradition is a one-mile swim across Baseline Lake and back to the dock at the Michigan Sailing Club. This year we had a few swimmers swim the course twice for two-mile swim. Safety paddlers lined the swimmers path to ensure safety and keep them on track. After the swim, we gathered at the Sailing Club for great company, refreshments, breakfast, and a beautiful view of Baseline Lake.

Safety Paddlers ResizeOur thanks go out to Baseline Lake residents Melinda Colquitt and Suzanne Van Appledorn and Michigan Sailing Club member Donna Snyder for their help making this event happen every year.

A special thanks to all of the safety paddlers who volunteered their time and effort which helped make this event safe for all swimmers!

Join us next year for the Baseline Lake Swim!

For more information on Summer Recreation event here.

Huron River Day, Sunday July 14, 12-4pm

Celebrate the River and meet HRWC’s H2O Hero!

Location: Gallup Park, 3000 Fuller Road, Ann ArborHuron River H2O Hero

HRWC will be there with information about the Huron River and our many projects that restore and protect it. Our streamside education team will be on hand to show which river bugs help us determine the river’s health and share information about our river monitoring efforts.

Ride your bike for a free boat rental!

Family-friendly activities at the festival include:

  • $5 Canoe & Kayak rentals
  • Childrens Activity Tent with art and science fun
  • Bubble play with the Bubbleman
  • Live animal program with Leslie Science Center
  • Butterfly House
  • Music: Gemini ~ Juice ~ Mysty Lyn and the Big Beautiful
  • Storytelling
  • Fun River Exhibits
  • Kids Envirochallenge
  • Fishing Fun
  • Classic Small Boat Show
  • Fly Fishing Demonstrations
  • Geocaching

For the early birds:

  • Run the Gallup Gallop 5K at 8:30am
  • Canoe with a Naturalist at 11am

For more information you can visit the HURON RIVER DAY website here.

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