Onboarding Field Interns at the creek
Eric Robinson teaches 2022 field interns how to monitor the river and creeks. Photo by: HRWC

Thanks to donor support for our Youth Education programs, HRWC provides hands-on learning designed to promote student interest in environmental science and stewardship. As the distressing impacts of wildfires, extreme drought, and intensifying weather events increase, Michigan will become a climate migration destination. Watershed planners, ecologists, and natural resource managers will be in greater demand as we strive to adapt to the challenges of an increasing population while maintaining the health of our local environment. HRWC is proud to have a long-established and sought-after education and enrichment program that energizes kids about the field of water ecology and careers in water protection. So today, we thank you for your support of HRWC’s Youth Education programs.

I loved working with students whose fields of study were different from mine, from colleges and universities across Michigan. It made for diverse teams with different perspectives and strengths and plenty of opportunities to learn from each other! —Laura (Intern 2022)

Volunteering with HRWC helped me understand the value of conservation and environmental science. I was able to translate my skills and knowledge to a career in ocean conservation. —Caroline (Intern 2014-2015)

My summer internship with the HRWC cemented my interest in the environmental field. Five years later I still love spending my days outdoors as an environmental scientist. —Lara (Intern 2018)

The field internship at HRWC was fantastic. I learned so much about how interconnected environmental stressors damage the river. I loved working every day with wonderful interns and HRWC staff, and I felt like I was making a difference in my community. —Susan (Intern 2020-2022)

For more information about ways you can support this life-changing program, please contact Wendy Palms.

—Wendy Palms

This blog post is also published in the Huron River Report, Summer 2023.