flower and bridgeThis past weekend we were delighted to host our first summer recreation event of the season. Despite the drastic change in weather from Saturday to Sunday, we endured and were able to capture beautiful photos along the Huron River. Our hosts for this weekends workshop, Michael Seabrook and Marc Akemann, provided instructional lectures and insight for obtaining professional nature photographs.

After their lectures we were able to put our newly learned skills to test and apply them in the field at Barton Nature Area and Delhi Metropark. Participants ventured around the parks looking to capture unique images, and were given the opportunity of having Michael and Marc help them capture the image the way they wanted. Afterwards Michael and Marc offered their experience in photo editing for those who wished to polish up some of their images. To top off this weekend’s events we were lucky to have world-renowned photographer and local Ann Arbor resident, Howard Bond, on Sunday to provide a lecture on positive and negative space; as well as provide a slide show of his favorite photos.

This workshop is the first of two that we are hosting this year. The next Watershed Photo Workshop is the weekend of October 19th & 20th. Register now to learn the basic techniques for taking great nature photos—obtaining correct exposures, controlling the depth-of-field, making sharper photos, customizing your camera to do what you want it to, and more. All skill levels are welcome.

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More information and registration for other summer recreation events HERE.