butterfly weed
Butterfly Weed

This edition of News to Us brings you stories covering the insects, turtles and prairies of the Huron River watershed. Also learn tips and facts about storm and sewer systems from a local expert.  Finally, see how the story on Michigan’s problems with PFAS contamination is hitting the national stage.

Bugs can tell us whether a river is healthy

Listen to a brief piece about the role of HRWC’s insect sampling and identification efforts and how these efforts are utilized to support river protection and restoration. HRWC’s Paul Steen and Nicholas Krantz are interviewed. To become a volunteer collector visit our website.

Turtles are on the Move, Here’s How to Help Protect Them

It is not uncommon during this time of year to see turtles crossing the road or bike path.  These important members of our native ecosystems are looking for nesting sites sending them further afield than at other times of year.  Here are a few tips on how to keep turtles safe.

Hidden In Plain Sight: Historic Prairie Fields Maintained And Researched In Washtenaw County

Prairies are increasingly rare ecosystems that occur within the Huron River watershed.  This piece takes you on a little tour of a local prairie and shares the history and role of these systems.

Things You May Not Have Known about Water & Sewer Service

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner, Jim Nash has been speaking throughout the County to teach citizens more about water and sewer services – essential but relatively invisible infrastructure for cities and towns. Relevant no matter what county you live in, if you can’t catch him in person, read this article to learn more.

Michigan lobbies for nationwide PFAS rules at EPA summit

Michigan DEQ is pushing the Environmental Protection Agency to take firm and consistent action on PFAS and PFOS chemicals that are contaminating groundwater throughout Michigan and the nation