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This issue highlights several local efforts that benefit the Huron.  You can also read about our Great Lakes and the interplay between, climate, weather and water levels.  Finally, water conservation is often a hard sell in a state so rich in water resources.  Read one woman’s take on why water conservation should be everyone’s issue.

Ypsilanti Border to Border trail project may receive $300K in additional state funding
Ypsilanti is one step closer to having the funding to continue its work on a border-to-border trail that will connect several riverside parks and provide better river access including a bridge crossing and a fishing pier. This effort is part of Washtenaw County’s Border-to-Border trail.  Both Washtenaw County and the City of Ypsilanti are partners of RiverUp, a project aimed at making the Huron River a focal point for riverside communities and a destination for visitors.

Webster Township Unveils Long-Term Land Use Study
A newly completed analysis will serve as a blueprint for development for Webster Township.  The study offers guidance on natural areas preservation, examines current zoning impacts on natural resources, and provides recommendations to help the community achieve land use goals. HRWC provided data to the effort through the Bioreserve Project.  We support strategic land use planning that helps growing communities develop smartly and maximize the benefits of natural area preservation.

Lake effect snow could be heavy this year for Michigan, and here’s why
Here is one Michigan weatherman’s prediction for how much lake effect snow our state may be seeing this year.  When lake temperatures are warm and air temperatures cold, we have perfect conditions for lake effect snow.  Lake temperatures are warmer this year than normal.  If cold air is on its way, we could be seeing lots of snow!

Warming Lakes: Climate Change and Variability Drive Low Water Levels on the Great Lakes
Often, in conversations about climate change, we are asked about Great Lakes lake levels. This article is a solid (albeit long) summary of the science of what researchers know, don’t know and hypothesize about how climate is impacting Great Lakes water levels.

Ripple effect: Conserving water is about more than just letting it mellow
This is a really fabulous blog on the paradox of the value of water versus the cost of water and the apparent abundance of water versus the actual growing scarcity of this finite resource. Water is embedded in everything from our food to our jeans to our electricity. What can you do to protect this resource?  What can our nation do?  Plenty of food for thought…