What we can’t do alone–we can accomplish when others join with us.

There were many stretches of the river cleaned up on Sunday October 9th including areas around Proud Lake State Park, Mast Road,  Tubbs Road, Hudson Mills to Dexter Huron Metropark,  Barton Dam to Argo Livery, and the lower stretch around Ypsilanti. Items of interest found included 9 bikes, a television, traffic barrels, trash cans, mylar balloons, foam insulation, tarps, bowling ball, basketball, soda and beer cans, plastic containers for fishing worms and a kitchen sink!

Thanks to our River Scouts volunteers who made it all possible! Graham Battersby, Eddie Brennan, Beth Bodiya,  Max Bromley, Chrissy Chesney, Paul Christensen, Margaret Counihar, Jerry Cyr, Jim Den Vyl, Meg Fairchild, Dirk Fischbach, Nick Gezon, Akhil Gutta, Jessica Chovanec, Joan Hellmann, Sean Hickey, Donald Jacobson, Alex Leader, Katherine Marston, Mark McDonald, Ashley Rose McLaury, Nicole Riebe, Kate Rogers, Mike Schultz, Harry Sheehan, Kim and Greg Stevens, Michael Toner, John Weiss, Aaron and Kandy Wiley, Jacob Whiten, Matt Worba, Korinne, Kane, Carson and Joe Wotell, Marianne Vu and Ann Arbor Trout Unlimited, Huron River Fly Fishing Club, Schultz Outfitters, Skip’s Huron River Canoe Livery, Huron Clinton Metroparks and REI for their support and a job well done.

If you wish to join our River Scouts for future river clean-ups send an email to jfrenzel@hrwc.org