Tune into Michigan Radio (91.7 fm) TONIGHT (Jan 21) at 8pm to hear Sprawling of America, a documentary about the impacts of  “sprawl,” an issue of great importance to the Huron River watershed.

As Michigan Radio reports:  “Urban sprawl costs everyone. All taxpayers end up subsidizing the infrastructure costs of some of the wealthier subdivisions. Racism is still a large part of segregated suburbs. Traffic congestion is getting worse and that causes more air pollution.”

HRWC advocates that to maintain the Huron River watershed’s health in the face of increased population, we must change current patterns of development by encouraging higher density where infrastructure already exists, and holding onto our natural areas so they can continue to provide the ecological services necessary to maintain quality of water, air, land, and life.

We’ll be listenting to hear how reporter Lester Graham covers sprawl’s impact on rivers. Details are available at http://www.michiganradio.org/specials.html. If you miss tonight’s airing, go to the link above; it will be available on the web site.