Update: 12/31/18: Governor Rick Snyder signed HB4205 into law.

Update: 12/11/18: HB4205 (“No Stricter than Federal”) has been passed by the House. The Bill will go to Governor Rick Snyder. Call Governor Snyder and tell him to veto HB4205 in order to protect Michigan residents and our drinking water.

Governor Rick Snyder:

House Bill 4205, also known as “No Stricter than Federal” is another bill being jammed through during the lame duck session. It would put the health of Michigan residents at risk and would do

Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, Flickr Creative Commons, by Larry
Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, Flickr Creative Commons, by Larry

lasting, severe damage to Michigan’s environment. Packed with things that will overwhelmingly anger voters, legislators are hoping they can pass it before the newly elected representatives take office.

The bill (HB4205) forbids state agencies from adopting any rule stricter than a federal regulation. Among many devastating effects, the bill would make it almost impossible to take meaningful action to clean up PFAS contamination.  It would prohibit Michigan from establishing a drinking water standard, something that HRWC believes is a vital step to stopping and cleaning up PFAS pollution. There is currently no federal regulation for PFAS in drinking water, and if HB2405 becomes law, there could be no state regulation for PFAS either. Michigan residents would be unprotected and no Michigan department could fix the problem.

As you might expect, the bill would also weaken rules across the board, from medical insurance, traffic safety, emergency service, gun safety, education, protections for consumers of energy and water—you name it. Multiple news outlets have described this bill as one of the most egregious in the “power grab” to demote the Office of the Governor.

The “No Stricter than Federal” Bill (HB4205) could be voted on as early as Tuesday morning. Please call your state representative and tell them to vote “No!” on HB4205 and help Michigan solve the PFAS crisis.


For those that live in southeastern Livingston County or the Brighton area. It’s critically important that you call Representative Lana Theis at 517.373.1784. Email her at LanaTheis@house.mi.gov.

For those living in Wixom, much of Commerce Township, or West Bloomfield. Please call Representative Klint Kesto at 517.373.1799. Email him at KlintKesto@house.mi.gov.


Call or email your state representative. You can find contact information here.

Tell your representative to reject the “No Stricter than Federal” Bill HB4205 because it will strip the state of its power to protect the people of Michigan, our environment, and our drinking water.