And how do you compare to others?

Home Water Works. Here’s a brand new tool from one of our water conservation partners, the Alliance for Water Efficiency, that estimates your daily and annual water use. Answer a few simple questions and the Water Calculator does the rest. It’s quick, easy and fun!

The Water Calculator automatically compares estimated water use against an average home and an efficient home in the same region with the same number of residents. It also estimates the carbon footprint of household hot water use and helps identify areas where improved water efficiency may be possible.

What we love: the sweet graphics and tidbits of water information that you find in each room of the Home Water Works house. Plus, it was one of the easiest, most intuitive calculators we’ve seen yet!

We will definitely add this to our Save Water, Save Energy tools — because it is super useful and we can’t resist the cute graphic customized for HRWC.

For households that get their water from the City of Ann Arbor Water Utility, you can check your actual water usage against the Home Water Works results. If you have a little time to investigate, we’d be interested to learn how they compare.