HRWC and Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation (WCPR) held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new “Flux + Flow” on the banks of Fleming Creek at Parker Mill County Park. Flux + Flow is an interactive art installation. It creates a creekside setting for contemplation, pleasure, and discovery where visitors can observe and interact with the creek’s waters in a dynamic manner.

The project is dedicated to the work of Janis Bobrin, an HRWC board member, who served as Washtenaw County’s Water Resources Commissioner for over 20 years.

Janis Bobrin cuts the ribbon at Flux + Flow
Laura Rubin, Coy Vaughn, Bob Marans and Janis’ husband, Michael Allemang raise a glass of apple cider as Janis cuts the ribbon at Flux + Flow

Laura Rubin, HRWC’s Executive Director; Coy Vaughn, WCPR’s Director; Bob Marans, President of the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission; and Michael Allemang, Janis’ husband, along with many others, recognized Janis for her extensive, long term leadership in water quality protection and environmental resource management in and around Washtenaw County.

Flux + Flow brings the banks of Fleming Creek to life with inspired design by Connie Rizzolo Brown. Curious visitors can pump water into a basin that spills into one of the two sluice channels and then cascades onto millstones at the edge of the creek. Stepping stones allow visitors to closely observe the water as it flows down the sluice to the creek’s edge while natural boulders provide seating.

To view more photos of Flux + Flow and the ribbon cutting ceremony, visit our Flickr here.