One of the most significant rollbacks of clean water protections in years is being proposed and we need your help. HRWC has signed on to national and great lakes coalition letters opposing this weakening of the Clean Water Act. Please send your comments, before April 15th, to the US EPA using this link.

The Trump administration wants to roll back water pollution rules for wetlands and small streams. We know that wetlands flow into streams, that flow into small rivers, and then into bigger rivers and then lakes. We can’t allow these wetlands and streams and the Huron River to get polluted.

In the last few years we’ve seen many cities and towns in our watershed and in the State of Michigan struggle to provide safe drinking water. Threats to clean water such as PFAS, algae blooms, lead, and 1,4 Dioxane will continue. Now is not the time to cut back on clean water enforcement. We need more, not less, protections for clean water.

Taking away federal protection for small rivers, streams, and wetlands will degrade important habitats for fish and wildlife, ruin recreational opportunities, and negatively impact drinking water and our quality of life. There are no streams or rivers where it is safe to pollute.

HRWC is a part of Clean Water Action and to make it easier they’ve provided a template with suggested language for comments.

Please let the US EPA know that you care about clean water protection before April 15th.

Wetlands in the Huron Riverwatershed
A beautiful wetland in the watershed.

On behalf of our home river, the Huron, we thank you!