Breaking News. Climate, climate, climate. Change is finally coming!

Late last night (November 2, 2023) the Michigan House of Representatives passed the following three legislative bills that make up the Clean Energy Future package:

Senate Bill 271: would require Michigan utilities to meet the 100% clean energy mandate for electricity generation by 2040

Senate Bill 273: this bill would require the following: Require an electric provider’s energy waste reduction plan to achieve an annual energy waste reduction standard of 2%; require the MPSC to review an electric or natural gas provider’s energy waste reduction plan every three years.

Senate Bill 502: gives the Michigan Public Service Commission the tools needed to protect public health while achieving climate, accountability, and equity goals.

Photo of climate change rally on the steps of the Michigan Capitol in Lansing on September 26, 2023
Clean Energy Future climate rally at the Michigan Capitol, September 26, 2023. Photo by Ridley Hudson MLive.

The bills, which strengthen Michigan’s efforts to address climate change, improve air quality and promote equity, already passed the Michigan State Senate in late October. The three-bill package will be sent back to the State Senate for concurrence next week and once approved, forwarded to Governor Whitmer for her signature. It’s expected that she’ll sign the bill package.

HRWC supported the Clean Energy Future package during legislative hearings this fall. We also joined the Climate Rally in late September and have worked alongside many nonpartisan and diverse groups of organizations and people committed to tackling the climate crisis urging legislators to pass these bills. Thank you for your support and thanks to the legislators who voted in favor of this critical legislation.