We had a great turnout last Saturday for our 2019 Fall River Roundup with 155 volunteers spreading out to 46 sites to collect bugs throughout the watershed. If you are one of these volunteers, thank you!

volunteers river roundup 2019
Volunteers enjoying the sun while tapping into their inner scientist. Photo by Kay Stemler

Our friendly, hard-working volunteers collected macroinvertebrate samples that we will use to gauge the health of the river.  We do three collections each year during the winter, spring, and autumn. By gathering data using this consistent schedule, we can see patterns and changes in the river and streams that need to be addressed.

Is it us or are crawfish cute? Photo by Harri Ko

Each fall, we welcome participation by elementary, high school and college students. If you are looking for a nature activity for kids and adults, please keep this event in mind next year.

River Roundup volunteers in the field, literally! Photo by Tony Ferreyra

Next up, we will host an ID Day here at our office to identify and count the bugs. For information about any of our volunteer opportunities and to sign up to get announcements, go here.