Wolverine was Wonderful; Join us at Jolly Pumpkin

Well we had a lovely evening at Wolverine Brewing last week. The building and beer garden were packed with lots of new and old friends. Thanks to Wolverine for supplying pizza and Dragon Wagon for the entertainment. We hope to see you all this Thursday also.

This week: join us at Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales on Thursday, along with Maggie Long, Executive Chef, will be showcasing their local, artisan foods and brews. Ron specializes in open-fermented, oak-barrel aged, artisan beers. Often referred to as sour beers, due to their uniquely crisp and tangy aspects, these beers utilize specialty yeasts and long maturation processes. This is definitely the place I bring my foodie friends as well as folks who love experiencing new and complex tastes and aromas!

HRWC will receive the proceeds from the signature “Hummocky Lick Sumac Sensation” (a brew named after a beautiful little creek in Portage Creek and a native shrub, some which have edible berries). And there will be a door prize – an artistic growler (full of the signature brew of course!) and two Jolly Pumpkin glasses.

See you Thursday!