Gary Slauter fishes the Huron.

HRWC would like the assistance of all of the dedicated anglers out there who enjoy fishing throughout the Huron River watershed. We are developing an angler database that contains pictures of anglers and their catches, their location, and the numbers and sizes of the fish that they caught.  This information will be put into the Google Earth application and served on the HRWC website so everyone can see the wealth of fish that the Huron possesses!  Along with Michigan DNR fish surveys, this database can serve as a way of quantifying changes in fish populations over time as well as being a useful tool for all prospective anglers out there.

If you are interested in participating, please email Paul Steen ( the following information:

  • A picture of the fish(es), and yourself (if possible)
  • Date
  • Location of the catch (latitude and longitude would be great but not required)
  • Species caught
  • Size (in inches)
  • Number caught in each size class