Margaret Smith, Development DirectorI would like to take a moment to offer a special thank you to Margaret Smith who was the development director of HRWC for over 13 years. We would like to recognize her contribution to HRWC and our mission of restoring and protecting the Huron River. Late this past fall, Margaret moved to a new position at the Ann Arbor Art Center. We were sad to see Margaret go, but know she is returning to her passion in supporting the arts and we wish her success. 

Margaret joined HRWC in 2006 after a distinguished career in development for the performing arts.  Making the leap to an environmental non-profit was big step for her and a huge win for HRWC. Her experience and drive have been invaluable and her efforts helped propel the growth and local profile of HRWC.    

Margaret embodies what we most value in staff members—her constant advocacy for our cause and the drive and energy to pursue it. While at HRWC she launched many important fundraising events, contributed to creative and strategic projects that benefit the river, and helped build powerful connections and support within the watershed. 

Like all non-profit organizations, HRWC relies on the support of people within our community.  Margaret’s efforts in forging that support will outlast her tenure at HRWC and carries us forward into the future.   

Margaret leaves some big shoes to fill and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts for her efforts. We are glad of the time she spent with us and wish her well.  Thank you, Margaret!