Beginning October 1, the $10 Recreation Passport replaces the state park sticker to get you into all state parks, recreation areas and boat launches.

To get your Recreation Passport, just check “YES” on your license plate renewal form.

Your $10 also helps preserve forest campgrounds and trails, historic and cultural sites in state parks, and parks in your own community.

Get your Recreation Passport and spread the word to family and friends. It’s only $10 . . .  a good deal for you means a GREAT deal to future generations.

Here in the Huron River watershed, you can use it for the following State Parks and Recreation Areas:

State Recreation Areas
Brighton, Highland, Island Lake, Pinckney, Pontiac Lake, Proud Lake, Waterloo.

State Parks
Maybury and Lakelands Trail.

Where can $10 take you? Visit to find out!