Stadt Und Hund PosterOne man’s quest to rid his city of dog poop.

This month, HRWC recognizes everyday heroes like Christof Wullner, a civil engineer whose vocation involves testing and cleaning up soil for building developments. Outside of work, Wullner founded a non-profit organization Stadt Und Hund (City and Dog) that has installed 250 dispensers and distributed over 4,000,000 pet waste bags, in an effort to help Berlin pet owners take responsibility for scooping poop. Way to go Wullner!

In this NPR audio file, reporter Monika Mueller-Kroll tells the story. Wullner’s efforts have helped thousands of Berliners to keep their streets and waters clean.

You can make your dog proud & be an H2O Hero. Scoop it, Bag it, and Pitch it in the Trash. Learn more about Wullner’s organization at (the site is in German, look for the “translate” button).

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