Survey Says Watershed Residents Are Stormdrain-AwareBe an H2O Hero!

Results are in on a recent survey of public attitudes about the quality of local water resources and stormwater impacts in Washtenaw and Livingston counties. The Watershed Community Survey, conducted by HRWC over the past year, was sponsored by two community coalitions, the Middle Huron Stormwater Advisory Group and the Livingston Watershed Advisory Group. The goal was to understand better what watershed residents think about issues related to nonpoint source runoff pollution and what they might be willing to do in their everyday lives to address it.

Thank you to everyone who took the survey and who shared it with friends, family and colleagues! You are true H2O Heroes and your opinions and efforts are helping to shape our future outreach and education on important water quality concerns.

Survey Report (FINAL)

Survey Results:

Survey Questions

Total Distribution Graphs

Washtenaw Distribution Graphs

Livingston Distribution Graphs

Answers to Open Ended Questions (Q3, Q30, Q32)

Respondent Zip Codes

Additional Items:

2012 Watershed Community Calendar (primary means of survey distribution)

Call to Action to Participate (on calendar cover)

Calendar Distribution Report

For More Information:

Contact Pam Labadie at HRWC, or (734) 769-5123 x 602.