General Information

The Livingston Watershed Advisory Group (WAG) is a collaborative membership group that was originally formed to develop watershed management plans for the Huron Chain of Lakes and Upper Shiawassee River watersheds in Livingston County. The plans describe current conditions of natural resources and land use impacts, explore existing and future threats to the river systems, and prescribe actions for protection and restoration. The WAG now meets to discuss ways to implement activities that were recommended by those plans. They are also interested in adding the Red Cedar River watershed.

For more information, see the WAG’s FAQ. Additional background information on the WAG can be found on the Livingston County Drain Commissioner’s site.

Most Recent Meeting

Tuesday, April 4, 2017, 10am-Noon, Green Oak Township, 10001 Silver Lake Road, Brighton. Contact: Michelle LaRose, Livingston County Drain Commission.

Agenda (to be distributed)

Past Meeting Agendas

October 13, 2015

March 3, 2015

December 17, 2014

December 5, 2012 (joint stormwater meeting)

April 25, 2012

January 18, 2012

Documents and Information

Watershed Management Plans

The Livingston WAG has developed several planning documents to guide its work to protect and improve water resources in the watershed. The current plan for generally managing stormwater is below:

In addition to that overarching plan, targeted plans were developed to focus on phosphorus management in two subwatersheds. Following are final TMDL Implementation Plans that were delivered to DEQ on October 31, 2011.

Water Quality Monitoring

The Livingston WAG provided support for monitoring of water quality parameters at sites throughout the Huron Chain of Lakes Watershed starting in 2008 and continuing through 2012 with additional support from a Michigan DEQ grant. The resulting data is analyzed and summarized in the following reports:

Stormwater Compliance Documents

Municipal members that manage a “Separate Storm Sewer System” (MS4) under federal Phase II stormwater regulations work to prepare compliance documents that reflect work done collectively by the WAG. Below are various types of such compliance documents.

Progress Reports

Permit Applications

WAG MS4s worked to develop the following documents for submittal of NPDES permit applications that were due April 1, 2013:

Previous Documents

Under the 2008 Watershed Permit, the SAG submitted the following watershed documents:

Public Education Materials

Contact: Pam Labadie, (734) 769-5123 x 602, HRWC Marketing Director, for info on HRWC’s I&E Program or any of the materials identified below.

Watershed Community Survey Page — the November 2012 Report of survey results and appendices.

Newsletter Inserts — For use by WAG members. One-page (8.5 x 11″) seasonal newsletter articles on NPS prevention or watershed education topics for community newsletters, websites, and email alerts.

Advertisements — Placed seasonally in local print and online publications such as the Ann Arbor Observer, Ann Arbor Journal, Ann Arbor Observer, Ypsilanti Courier, Dexter Leader and Chelsea Standard. Ad topics correspond to the monthly tip or message in the 2012 Watershed Community Calendar and are available in custom sizes and formats upon request.


We developed a lot of our Take Action content through the support of this program. This content is kept current and updated.

Watershed Community Calendar — The stormwater pollution prevention calendar produced by the Washtenaw SAG, the Livingston Watershed Advisory Group and other communities.