This plan is currently being review by EGLE and stakeholder comments are welcome during this review period. Please download the word documents below, use track changes and comments, and submit to Paul Steen ( before May 1, 2022.

The Middle Huron River Watershed Management Plan (WMP): Section 1 is part of an effort led by communities in this area seeking to plan activities to address water quality issues highlighted in the State of Michigan’s Clean Water Act §303(d) report on impaired waters.  The original WMP was completed in 1994, updated in 2000, 2008, and 2011, but was written for a larger area, covering the entire Middle Huron Watershed which covers the confluence of Mill Creek down to the end of Belleville Lake, and all tributaries draining to the Huron through that length.  This 2022 version is the fourth update of that WMP, but it is narrower in scale as it only covers the upper geographic portion of that earlier WMP.  Separate WMPs are available for the middle section (Section 1) and the lower section (Section 3) has yet to be written (anticipated 2023-2024).

For the purposes of this plan, Section 2 of the Middle Huron Watershed is composed of direct drainage to the Huron River from Barton Pond to the confluence of Huron River and Fleming Creek, as well as the Boyden, Honey, and Mill subwatershed.


  1. Table of Contents- not yet ready
  2. Chapter 1–Introduction
  3. Chapter 2A– Current Conditions (Natural Lands, Rare Species,  Hydrology,Dams)
  4. Chapter 2B– Current Conditions (Demographics, Land Use, Water Quality Parameters)
  5. Chapter 2C– Current Conditions (Breakdown of each Creekshed)
  6. Chapter 2D– Current Conditions (Impaired Waters)
  7. Chapter 3– Climate Change
  8. Chapter 4– Action Plan and Recommendations
  9. Chapter 5– Conclusions


A. Middle Huron Partnership Cooperative Agreement

B. Geomorphology/Banks Assessment Procedure and Results: not yet ready

C. Ford/Belleville Lake TMDL

D. Honey Creek E Coli TMDL

E. Bacterial Reduction Implementation Plan for the Honey Creek Watershed (2014-2024)

F. Post-Project Data Summary “Reducing Bacteria in Honey Creek”

G. Michigan’s Statewide E.Coli TMDL

H. Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority Green Infrastructure Plans (Delhi, Dexter-Huron, Hudson Mills)

I. Public Education Plan Template (PEP)

J. Water Quality Accomplishments from Plan Partners from 2009-2021

K. Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority Stormwater Management Plan