On Thursday, the Michigan Senate passed HB 4326, a bill that prevents the Governor from issuing protections for the Great Lakes  and our watersheds that are stricter than those currently on the books at the Federal level.

Federal regulations are only intended to be the lowest standard that states must meet; they are the floor that states can’t slip below. Unless Governor Snyder vetoes this bill, no Michigan governor will be able to protect the Great Lakes and our watersheds in the same way that Governor Milliken did when he issued a rule in 1976 that limited the amount of phosphorus flowing into Lake Erie. At that time the algae blooms threatened the Lake’s entire ecosystem. His requirements were stricter than those at the federal level, and have since been adopted legislatively in Michigan.

As the state most defined by the Great Lakes and mighty rivers, we should be a leader in their protection and not shirk that responsibility. We need Governor Snyder to veto this bad bill, and affirm his commitment to protecting the Great Lakes that he campaigned on in 2010. Contact Governor Snyder today and urge him to veto this short-sighted bill!