GreenInfrastructureGeneralSEMCOG is partnering with HRWC and other members to develop a regional green infrastructure vision for Southeast Michigan. Green Infrastructure is both a network of green space and natural areas in our communities, along with built techniques such as rain gardens and bioswales that preserve the function of the natural ecosystem to benefit residents of the region.

For example:

  • Parks can add recreational opportunities.
  • Rain gardens along roads can clean the rain water before it enters our rivers and lakes.
  • Community gardens in urban areas provide a positive use for vacant land and a local food source.
  • Boat access sites can meet tourism and local needs to better use our nationally recognized lakes.

Results from this short survey will help support the Green Infrastructure Vision for Southeast Michigan and provide a basis for future natural resource planning. “Communities in Southeast Michigan are realizing the value of a strong natural resource base as a mechanism to provide recreational opportunities for citizens, increase tourism, and protect water quality,” said Amy Mangus, SEMCOG Plan Implementation. “The Green Infrastructure Vision for Southeast Michigan helps create a roadmap for getting there.

The brief survey asks questions pertaining to:

  1. The most important outcomes of green infrastructure
  2. What kinds of green infrastructure citizens would like to see (e.g., parks, rain gardens, trails)
  3. Where these natural areas should be located

HRWC’s own Green Infrastructure projects (focusing on both natural areas and built GI) will benefit from SEMCOG’s work on this regional vision. HRWC’s work will inform SEMCOG’s regional vision, which will aid in planning and securing funding for natural areas protection, greenway and trail development, and construction of green infrastructure for control of stormwater runoff.